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Audiobook Samples
Sci-Fi - 1st Person - Night Gallery Vibe
00:00 / 01:12
Splatter Western - M/F - 3rd Person
00:00 / 02:32
Mystery/Thriller - 1st Person - West Texas Accents
00:00 / 02:44
Classic- M/F - 3rd Person - English accents
00:00 / 04:14
Fantasy - 3rd Person - English Accents
00:00 / 01:24
Nonfiction - Dark Humor
00:00 / 02:14
Nonfiction - Self-Help
00:00 / 05:51
Nonfiction - Pop Culture History
00:00 / 03:00
Nonfiction - American History
00:00 / 01:57

PETER PAN -  "The narrator, Victor Warren, captures the magic and shares it with his listeners in a captivating and enchanting tone. His unique voices for each of the main characters are rich and reflect their personalities and ages. Warren’s impeccable and polished enunciation and appropriate pacing enhance the story. I have both read and listened to Peter Pan before, but Warren’s tone was velvety and smooth capturing and holding the interest of the listener."  

THE FEAST: AND OTHER HORRIFYING TALES -"As mentioned I gave this book 4 stars. I would however like to give the narration 5 stars.  Victor Warren was absolutely amazing.   His voice drew me in, in such a way that I was lifted into the stories with the characters."
(Audible listener -Angelique Vorster)

PETER PAN - " Victor brings such life into each character that you are totally emerged and engrossed in the tale of the boy who never grew up. from the opening scene to the final moment Victor's performance never wavers. "
(Amazon Customer)

THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED - "What I didn’t realize was it was going to make me cry at the end. I didn’t realize that Warren was going to be able to draw so much emotion out of the characters while making them feel like they were part of your family."
(Audible listener - Brian)

 THE BONES OF AMORET - "The narration was deep and intriguing, bringing this story to life.  The Bones of Amoret on audiobook is a definite listening recommendation by Amy's Bookshelf Reviews. I look forward to listening to many more titles by this author."
(Amy's Bookshelf Reviews)

ENTER THE DAMPIRE -  "Victor Warren is a talented narrator and his performance is spot on. He switches with ease between a large range of voices and accents and, as such, he keeps all the characters alive and clearly differentiated in the listener's mind for the entire duration of the audio production."
(The Audiobook Blog)


INTO THE BLACK - "Narration is by Victor Warren, whose voice has an almost wistful timbre well suited for this reading, and he slivers this (essentially) monologue with a slow but perfect pace and good modulation throughout. A nice performance."
(Audible Listener - Norma Miles)


HOUSE OF MADNESS - This is another story I found by looking for a narrator instead of looking for an author. I’ve been doing this for years with narrators like R.C. Bray and Scott Brick, but when it comes to finding interesting and well-performed ghost and horror stories, look no further than Joe Hempel and Victor Warren. Warren is able to add atmosphere with just his voice and really sells the scary scenes with his performances."
(Audible Listener - Brian ) 

HOUSE OF MADNESS - "Actor Victor Warren beautifully performs this haunting tale of a family that tries to resolve its problems by moving to a new house. Bringing each of the three main characters to life with a distinct voice, Victor helps the listeners to immerse themselves in this story filled with emotion, loss and guilt. Dark, sad, atmospheric and strangely entertaining," 
(The Audio Book Blog)

THE FEAST: AND OTHER HORRIFYING TALES - "As mentioned narrator Victor Warren’s performances of the many characters are wll-done and the perfect complement to Vorhee’s writing. He tackled a wide range of emotions, accents, and convincingly voiced the females. I would absolutely seek out other titles he narrates."
(Audible Listener - Rick)

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